My portfolio below displays a selection of recent website projects.

I was approached and commissioned by nursery manager Jamie to take over hosting their website and email system and replace it with a more cost effective scaleable solution.  With the existing website now transferred to its new home, I have been asked to begin the process of developing an entirely new website for the nursery.  You can find their existing website, by visiting:

Print & Weave
Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, Print & Weave sell a range of clothes and accessories, with a difference.  They also provide the customer with the option of adding a personalised Arabic message or a custom logo to any personalised clothing items or accessories.

I was recommended to Maj by a close contact.  Originally intended to be a small project with just a few select items on sale, the project quickly snowballed into a huge project with hundreds of different styles of items on sale.

The project is currently under development.

The Four Wheeled Wonder Woman
Lucy, who has Cerebral Palsy, started blogging when she realised that the public were obsessed with the stereotype that disabled people are inspirational, athletic and brave

The Four Wheeled Wonder Woman, aims to encourage disabled people and demonstrate to the world that you can have a life full of adventure and achievement whatever your barriers in life or how different you may feel.

I got involved with Lucy, following an appeal for assistance.  The requirement existed for her to do specific functions from her website, which as it was directly hosted with WordPress, would’ve been prohibitively expensive.

I am currently in the process of relocating the content from Lucy’s website onto a brand new WordPress website and migrating to a far more cost effective web host.

This is currently an active project.

Timmy Mallett requires no introduction.  If you were a child of the 80s, you’ll probably have watched him religiously on Wacaday and Mallett’s Mallet.  Nowadays Timmy is an accomplished artist, historian and broadcaster.  Having been working with Timmy for around two years now, I manage his website, providing full content creation and support services as well as editing ad-hoc video packages for him when required.

You can visit Timmy’s website at: